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Written by maubert   
vendredi, 31 mars 2006
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Final resolution adopted on the 26th of February by the 4th Conference assembly.

The delegations of the energy workers representatives of 32 nations met together in Athens on February 24th, 25th, and 26th to discuss the theme of "development in the social activities as a right of the workers in the energy enterprises in Europe and in the world."

All the enterprises and organisations carrying out social activities for the energy workers have had recently diversified experiences, all having one element in common : the employers will (public and private) to reduce our spaces of participation, to streamline the role and social potentials with two characteristics : on one hand, the purpose to control the costs, and on the other hand the unrevealed end to obtain a reorganisation of the social activities and also of the legal and union situation.

They denounce the economic ultra liberal globalisation which can be expressed through the following items :

  • Suppression of the posts;
  • Regression of the collective guarantees;
  • Carelessness of the public services;
  • Increase of the inequalities between industrial countries and developing countries in the access to energy;
  • Monopolizing of the energy resources from more and more restricted groups of multinational shareholders;
  • Absence of control on energy production and distribution in several countries;
  • Uncontrolled opening of the markets thus reducing energy from universal/ vital goods to simple wares;
  • Regression of the means intended for the energy workers;

Together, they state the legitimacy of the social activities as :

  • an essential tool of the social bound between the workers in the energy enterprises;
  • a tool allowing all these workers to become real citizens in their enterprises an in the civil society;
  • a factor of emancipation and individual and collective development;
  • a place of solidarity expression;

It is essential to inform and awaken the public opinion beginning from those who are very close to us : the workers in our enterprises. It is necessary to involve the strengths and the politic representatives of our countries so that they may make more efforts towards what we consider a message of peace.

In Europe and in the world, they are opposed to the decisions aiming at opposing the workers making them enter into competition, and at reducing the social acquisitions.

They state that the excessive power of the market and the deregulation are source of insecurity :

  • within environment protection;
  • within energy control and independence for the countries and people;
  • within health and security of the energy workers;

In this context of globalisation without control, they commit themselves to develop the bound between the energy workers at a European and worldwide level, so as to create more solidarity around the social activities. They state they want to act together in order to promote exchanges, respecting cultures end differences.

The delegations struggle together against injustices and discriminations whose militants, acting aiming at promoting social justice, are the victims. They support mutually a combined action of protection of the acquired social rights and in the conquest of new rights for the workers.

The present delegations agree that unity and struggle for the wellness and dignity of the workers in the energy enterprises contribute to the comprehension between the people and to the reaching of the peace in the world.

Only an exchange of information will lead to the development of the power and possibilities of the workers, (even from other countries), in order to manage in a better way the social activities. Acting together means for us bearing in mind mutual experiences, sharing difficulties and successes, steering the organisation of the social institutes into new models, offering new opportunities to the workers of all the energy enterprises, contributing to the more and more necessary integration allowing to face the challenges of the globalisation.

Acting together is thus not only an opportunity but also a necessity to protect and guarantee the workers.

The Assembly votes unanimously to uphold the motion proposed by the serbian delegation not to sell the assets set aside for social activities.

We propose to constitute an observatory about the social activities managed by the Contact Group and organised by ARCA (Italy) with the task to gather the data, information and surveys related to the international Institutions carrying out social activities.

According to the proposal of the Contact Group, we agree on its enlargement to Russia an Algeria.

After having weighed the candidature of FOSC (Algeria) for the organisation of the fifth Conference about the social activities, the assembly approves.

 Athens, the 26th of February

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