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Call of the 4th International Conference of Social Worker PDF Print E-mail
Written by maubert   
jeudi, 02 mars 2006
Hereinafter the appeal drafted during the 4th conference and adopted by the Assembly on 26 February in Athens.
Several million workers worldwide professional employment in the energy sectors.

Every day they contribute their knowledge, their expertise and professionalism, produce, transport, distribute energy. They integrate their activities in the ongoing concern to ensure continuity of public service and also allow access to energy to the people in difficulty. For almost twenty years now, they are faced with the privatization of enterprises, reorganizations that do that job cuts, insecurity, reduction in pay and pensions decline and social rights and labour law.

Energy is a source of wealth creation whose distribution is totally unbalanced. A portion of the wealth created to be distributed to workers to meet, inter alia, their social needs. While respecting and enforcing environmental standards, energy is a response to the needs for economic development and social emancipation of human beings.

The 192 member states of the United Nations are committed, in 2000, to be reached by 2015 the 8 millennium goals to reduce global poverty. These goals are:

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Ensuring universal primary education
Promote gender equality and empower women
Reduce infant mortality
Improve maternal health
Combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases
Ensure environmental sustainability
Develop a global partnership for development

Access to energy is essential to achieving these goals.

Trade unions and workers in the sectors of energy, face neoliberal globalization of energy have actions and struggles against all major offensive against the interests of the people, especially the poorest and those of workers those same companies.

A new balance of power is being built and resistance intensifying on all continents. The countries? Development are often choked by public debt. They must be cancelled. One way to achieve this could be the automatic reduction thereof depending on the investments made in the area of electrification.

At the same time demands that the approach focuses on employment, wages, social rights, the demand for social activities is an imperative.

Indeed, only the work is a creator of wealth. It is a way of life and development of individuals and essential factor in social bond. So we need to require funding for social activities by the companies, whatever the form of financing. The Social Activities are a source of empowerment around cultural activities, sports, education, health and prevention. They can not be built on values of solidarity, justice, dignity and the right to be different.

Companies must therefore incorporate this requirement necessary for the workers and their families, and useful for the companies themselves. These provisions must be implemented especially for all workers of energy. The construction, content management and social activities are the sole responsibility of employees and retirees and their representative organizations.

The development and financing of social activities at the level of international groups have no precedent, the participants in this meeting are willing to initiate an innovative and offensive to get them taken into account.

Accordingly, the international conference supports each representative organization whose approach with the workers, aims to open negotiations on social activities with business.

We set ourselves the goal to participate in exchanges between peoples. We will promote innovative initiatives to achieve this goal.
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